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Our Story

HRN was created in 2003 by veteran radio marketer Dave Logan. Cutting his teeth at the legendary D. M. B&B agency and ABC Radio, Dave saw the need for a national radio network that served the Hispanic advertiser and brands that needed to reach that growing U.S. consumer segment.

Today HRN is part of the Gen Media Partners, an independently owned media advertising sales and content organization, with a large footprint in network and national radio. HRN continues to deliver on the commitment to excellence that Dave began in 2003, providing content producers and advertisers with expertise in Hispanic radio.

Dave’s philosophy was to give both affiliates and advertisers alike the best service and strongest advertising platforms possible. Keep it simple, clean and always deliver on our promises.


Meet The Team

Alex Quintero

Affiliate Content Manager

Ann Marie Figueira

Network Sales and Affiliations

Alex Garth

News Producer and Writer

Clark Logan

President and Partner

Gissel Olivas

News Anchor

J. Florentino B. Mesa

News Anchor

Javier Pinon

West Coast Hispanic Specialist

Juan Arango

News Anchor

Reyes Mendoza

News Producer and Writer

Tom Graff

Account Executive

Uxmal Iparraguirre

News Producer and Writer

Victor Gonzalez

News Anchor